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Weather forecast TorontoCanada. Weather forecast for today - Wednesday, Current condition Toronto, Canada. Hourly weather forecast Toronto, Canada. Toronto, Canada. Toronto Toronto Wikipedia CN Tower - landmark, over meter tower featuring a glass floor and a revolving eatery with panoramic views. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada - expansive, modern aquarium with many species and habitats on display, plus events and classes.

Art Gallery of Ontario - extensive gallery with huge Canadian collection, European masterworks, and a major Frank Gehry renovation. High Park - sprawling park with hiking trails, a zoo, sports fields, and a large children's playground.

Toronto Zoo - immense zoo with outdoor pavilions housing hundreds of species, plus a sizeable botanical collection. Ontario Science Centre - popular interactive exhibits on science and technology, plus touring shows and an IMAX cinema.

Toronto City Hall - contemporary, iconic structure housing the mayor's office and offering tours. Hockey Hall of Fame - a vast collection of hockey memorabilia, including famous gear, interactive games, and the Stanley Cup.

Weather forecast for your location. Locate me. Click Locate me button 2. Nearby Toronto, Canada.Thursday, June 21,AM - Thursday marks the first official day of summer, with many places across Canada already having experienced extreme heat. The question now is will it stick around, and will Atlantic Canada finally get in on that stretch of warm weather the rest of the country has been basking in?

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Meanwhile, a stormy summer is expected across southern Ontario and southern Quebec. While we do not expect more rainy days than normal across this region, heavy rainfall at times will bring above normal totals to much of this region.

2020-2021 Long Range Weather Forecast for Toronto, ON

Keep in mind, though, that summer precipitation is notorious for being highly variable over short distances, and it is inevitable that localized areas will miss out on the showers and thunderstorms that occur in surrounding areas. In addition, localized storms can bring torrential rain to areas where drought dominates a season.

Quotable: "This summer looks to be a warmer version of the pattern we saw across Canada last year, with the hottest weather anchored over western Canada," Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network explains. Atlantic Canada looks to have the best combination of conditions with a warm summer and near seasonal precipitation. Warmer than normal temperatures are expected this summer across British Columbia, especially during the second half of the season, when extended periods of hot weather are expected across the interior of the province.

So far June has brought changeable conditions with alternating periods of cool and hot weather, along with some beneficial rain. The final days of June and early July will bring another period of cooler weather. However, hot weather is expected to become more consistent during the second half of the summer, and this will increase the risk of wildfires during late July, August and into September.

Near normal precipitation is expected in the mountains with the typical summer thunderstorms that will bring torrential rain at times. Unfortunately, lightning from these storms can also ignite wildfires. The first few weeks of June have brought much needed and widespread rainfall to this region. However, a drier pattern is expected to resume during July and August. The well-timed rains during the first few weeks of June have greatly reduced, but not eliminated concerns that drought conditions will have an impact on agriculture.

Despite the drier conditions during July and August, this region will still see a typical severe weather season, especially across western and central Alberta. Strong to severe thunderstorms will bring torrential rain to localized areas, but not the more widespread and steady rains that are more beneficial to agriculture.

July and August will also bring more consistent heat for Alberta and Saskatchewan. Manitoba will see temperatures swing back and forth that come close to offsetting each other, but there will be an increasing potential for shots of cooler weather during the second half of the season. A seasonably warm and occasionally stormy summer is forecast in southern Ontario and southern Quebec. Temperatures will be near normal across the region, except for areas around Hudson Bay, which should be cooler than normal.

This region is expected to see more hot weather than last year, but we do not expect the persistent extreme heat that we saw two summers ago.

Top 7 Best Free Weather APIs to Access Global Weather Data (Updated for 2020)

This summer will be more changeable with periods of cooler weather. The most consistent hot weather is expected during the first half of summer, with an increasing potential for periods of cooler weather during the second half of July and August.

writeaprisoner reviews month forecast toronto

While we are forecasting above normal rain totals across southern Ontario and southern Quebec, we do not expect more rainy days than normal during the summer. The changeable pattern and the availability of abundant Gulf moisture increases the threat for thunderstorms, which bring substantial rain totals at times, but these storms also result in wide ranges in totals across a region.

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writeaprisoner reviews month forecast toronto

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Sign up or Log in to use Premium functions. Chart Pattern Recognition Set a candle. Ads by Cointraffic.Weather impacts nearly every area of our lives — Weather conditions such as fog, rain, and snow impact commutes to work and travels to places in other parts of the world. Weather impacts our health as it has a direct effect on the air we breathe air qualitythe water we drink, and the food we eat. Weather impacts our safety as severe weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods often cause sudden mass destruction to homes, buildings, and other infrastructure.

Thanks to satellites, radar, remote sensors, and other weather monitoring technologies such as National Weather Service alertswe now have a better understanding of weather conditions and phenomena.

Weather APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that allow you to connect to large databases of weather forecast and historical information. Thanks to APIs and smartphones with built-in GPS, we have access to mobile applications that provide hour-by-hour forecasts, severe weather alerts, and other relevant weather information for just about every place we go.

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This blog post highlights several of the best weather APIs developers could use to build innovative web and mobile weather applications. Check out a few scenarios for using a weather API.

When choosing a weather API, you'll want to make sure it satisfies all your requirements. Here are a few of our top picks for the best free weather APIs:. The OpenWeatherMap API currently provides a wide variety of weather data including but not limited to current weather, forecasts, historical, weather stations, and weather alerts.

writeaprisoner reviews month forecast toronto

This feature is currently in beta and air pollution historical information goes back to November The API documentation is comprehensive, easy to follow, and includes many examples of API requests and the responses returned. You can view analytics based on the API calls you make using this app key. Learn how to use the weather API in python. Sign up today for free! With just latitude and longitude coordinates, you can get weather forecast data returned in JSON format.

View the pricing page for more details. The AccuWeather API delivers detailed current, historical, and forecasted weather information for locations all over the world. Developers could build a wide range of innovative and engaging weather data-powered applications using AccuWeather. There is even an Indices API that provides flight delays, mosquito activity, stargazing, and dozens of other daily index values for a specific location.

The API documentation is nicely designed, comprehensive, and includes interactive documentation to try out API endpoints and see the responses using the weather API key. The free trial and paid plans include current conditions, hour historical current conditions, forecasts, and indices.

An enterprise solution is available which provides historical weather data going back 60 years.See the extended forecast for Toronto, Ontario, part of the Southern Ontario weather region. Our day weather forecast includes the temperature and precipitation outlook versus normal for each month.

Learn more about how we predict the weather. Winter temperatures will be slightly below normal in the east and slightly above normal in the west, with the coldest periods in early to mid-December, from late December into early January, and in mid- and late January. Precipitation and snowfall will be much above normal, with the snowiest periods in mid-December, early to mid-January, and early to mid-March. April and May will be cooler and rainier than normal in the east and warmer and drier in the west.

Summer will be slightly cooler and rainier than normal in the east and hotter with near-normal rainfall in the west. The hottest periods will be in early June and mid-August.

September and October will be cooler than normal, with near-normal precipitation. I want to book a week off work in Jan or Feb, especially if there will be a big dumping of snow; so then I can avoid the drive to work. So, what week looks good for a potential stay at home week? I live in the north Toronto GTA. What is considered Southern Ontario region is the problem for many. The weather in Windsor and Barrie are 2 different worlds. For instance, Barrie might get a foot of snow, while in Windsor-Essex at the same time, it could be sunny and 50F degrees.

Hi, Jerry.

writeaprisoner reviews month forecast toronto

You are absolutely correct! We are working on ways to make our southern Ontario forecasts more localized, but unfortunately this is complicated on our end.

Hi, Padh: Thank you so much for taking the time to make this comment as well as the one below. We really appreciate it when folks like you ask us questions about just about anything!

To answer we hope! The predictions are made up to a year-and-a-half ahead of time; these November forecasts were arrived at this past January.

It is definitely true that we do miss things about 1 in 5 timesbut it is important to remember that our Southern Ontario Region 3 weather region is a huge area stretching from the suburbs of Toronto west to the Manitoba border and north almost to Metagama.

So it may well be the case—and in fact is so fairly often—that while in one prediction locale we are right, in another we are wrong.

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In general, though, the odds are that we will be correct for where we predict. With regard to changing our forecasts, we would never do that. We never update them not because of stubbornness, but because years of history have taught us to stick with what has worked so well, and in the few times when we have made last-minute tweaks, we have lived to regret them.

I would like to say that your forcast for the week 1 and 2 is wrong. Sorry, but here in southern Ontario, we got like 30 cm of snow in 1 day. I am not going to use this website anymore.

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We had a total of over 50 cm in the first 2 weeks of November. I used to think the forcast was correct here but not anymore.Need an account? Sign up. We use cookies on this site to improve your experience as explained in our Cookie Policy. You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings. Your weather when it really matters TM. Please choose your default site Americas Canada - English.

UPDATED: The next 2 months of summer weather in Canada

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Yes, Save it No Thanks. Hourly 36 Hours Weekend 7 Days 14 Days. Temperature Actual High. Dec, Select Month. Use this monthly calendar to view weather averages, such as average temperature 14 days ahead of today, as well as the historical weather patterns over the past year. Our meteorologists have compiled years of weather data to give you a sense of what to expect, but please note these are averages and can differ greatly from our forecast predictions.

Click on a day in the calendar to see weather records and other details. Historical Averages based on data recorded from to Part or all of the data not available for this date. Feels like:. Maximum Wind:. Highest Rainfall:. Highest Snowfall:. Highest Precip:. Popular Right Now. See All Videos.